The Hooping Life

Friday night I took a friend to the Atlanta screening of The Hooping Life.  Lara and Drew of were there and I was too shy to introduce myself!  I did introduce myself to Rebecca of HoopEssence, who put the whole thing together.  She is supposed to be my teacher, if I ever get the nerve to go down there for classes.  There were performers keeping the crowd entertained as we waited to get inside.  There were amazing opening acts of fan dancing, hoopdancing (including Maria Valentin from NYC – amazing!!), cabaret dance involving drapes? I can’t think of the name, and more hooping.  I was disappointed there was no fire hooping but that may have been a building code issue.

The film was incredible.  Anah is so famous in the hooping world, yet in the film she seemed so approachable.  Baxter was applauded and cheered by our Southern hooping community audience, of course.  I’ve never met him but I was starstruck when he wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.  Every story was incredible and showed just how life-changing hooping has the potential to be.

If you get a chance to see this, DO IT.  It was $15 per person or $20 at the door, but totally worth it.  My friend is awestruck and I think she’s going to try and learn how to hoop.


Valentine’s gift to myself

I’ve been contemplating a set of minis for a while now.  Hoopnotica decided to do a minis sale for V-Day, and I took advantage.  I got a set of minis plus the DVD.  When I visited Lissa I tried hers out.  Trying to use either of my hoops on my hand causes bruising, so I am looking forward to the smaller, lighter ones.  I know I know: no pain, no gain.  But I need my hands for work 🙂

Visiting Lissa

It’s been a crazy year so far due to things in my work life and grad school.

The last weekend of January, I had to go to Texas for a grad school thing.  While there I hung out with my good friend Lissa.  She is the one who introduced me to hooping.  She has a ton of hoops which she was nice enough to let me play with.

When I asked her about my chest hooping form, she said I was doing it right, but I just need to keep practicing.  She has an extra large hoop with hockey tape that is most helpful for learning new things.  It was encouraging to know I am doing everything right!

Every Day I’m Shufflin’

Tonight I said enough is enough, and I picked up the hoop.  I hooped maybe five minutes tops, but it was enough to get my heart rate going!  Hopefully I can shuffle my priorities mentally, and get hooping in every day.

Resolutions for Revolutions

I need a consistent hoop practice routine.  I need to pick up the hoop every single day.

So far, I am off to a bad start.  I injured my knees on Saturday preparing for my NYE party and can barely stand up, let alone walk or hoop.  IT SUCKS!

As much as I would like to say “Okay, I am going to hoop x amount per day EVERY day” I know I won’t stick to it for even three days.  I’m just going for pick up the hoop every day, and see what happens.

Controlled Vocabulary

In library science there is a term known as “controlled vocabulary” which is a list of preferred terms a cataloger uses to assign subjects to a database or something else.  You might understand it better as tags or categories for blog posts.  Think about a set list of categories that each post must fit into.  That’s controlled vocabulary, more or less.

I have applied the term to my hooping mentality.  Since I began hooping, the way I think has changed.

Instead of saying “I can’t do this” my mind has modified the thought into “I haven’t mastered this yet”.  Let’s examine this change.  Can’t means I lack the ability to.  It’s a pessimistic phrase.  To say I have not mastered means that I have the ability, but am currently at a lower level.  Yet = it will happen, sooner or later.  See what I did there?

The hoop has morphed my thinking, and has become a control over my vocabulary.  Have you seen a similar change in yourself?

Elegantly Waist-ed

Waist hooping.  It’s the first stop on the hoop path.

But I’ve been here almost two years already!  I wish the bus to chest-and-shoulder hooping would come pick me up.

I’ve been practicing my shoulder/chest pops a la Caroleeena.  I’ve been trying to start the hoop on my chest.  I just can’t seem to put pencil to paper, though.

Waist hooping is fun and all, but it can get boring.  Even if I twirl within the hoop.  Even if I change directions.  Woopdedoo.

There’s another component: I am fat.  I’m not gonna try and soften the word.  I have a small frame but a whole lotta weight hanging off it.  I’m like an olive on a toothpick.  I don’t have that nicely formed torso that the hoop just whirls around so nicely.  When I see my reflection the hoop seems to go around my waist pointing downward.  I think it’s my bizarre shape.  Somehow it stays up, though.

I try to make the waist hooping look pretty.  I try to make it burn calories.  And I feel like I’m not doing a good job of either sometimes.  For me right now, the prize is to be able to chest and shoulder hoop.  That’s become my holy grail.  I’ve the idea in my mind that if I can do those then I will become a magically beautiful and skinny hoopdancer.

Realistic? I don’t know.  It’s not impossible.  But am I putting too much stock into one type of hooping?

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